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Stray Gameplay-Story, Release date, and Download

Are you looking for “Stray Gameplay-story and Download”? Stray is an action-adventure game that was released in 2022, developed by Blue Twelve Studios, and published by Annapurna Interactive.

Stray Gameplay-Story, Release date and Download

The story and gameplay of the Stray game revolve around the unique life adventure of a kitten. When the cat is separated from its family and arrives in a city where there is no sign of humans, only robots, and numerous Zurks that consume robots and other objects. These Zurks become the cat’s formidable enemies. Stray gameplay is Full of adventure.

Stray Game Release Date

Stray: Available Platforms

The Stray Game is accessible on various platforms. If you’re a fan of consoles, you can play it on PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, and even enjoy it on Xbox S Series and Xbox X Series. But if you don’t have any of these consoles, no need to worry; besides consoles, the game is also available for PC. You can comfortably enjoy it by playing on Microsoft Windows and MacOS as well.

System Requirements For Stray

  • Operating System: 64-bit processor Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 | AMD FX-6350
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, 2 GB | AMD Radeon R7 360, 2 GB.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

Stray Gameplay: Story

Stray Gameplay-Story, Release date and Download

At the beginning of the game, we see a cat family with 3 to 4 members.There is heavy rainfall at night and when the rain stops in the morning, all these cats came out of their places to search for food. All these things happen when our main cat is not able to cross a pipeline and from there, the cat starts falling. Stray gameplay starts from there.

The rest of the cats cannot save themselves even if they try but that cat now falls underground from a dark place when its eyes open, the kitten sees that it has also been injured and after moving from that place kitten see a robot.

Stray Gameplay-Inside the wall


Dead City

Now our cat reaches under the dead city. After reaching the bottom of the dead city, we see some CCTVs installed. As we went further we saw a dead robot. Probably his battery has drained and now he is dead.

Then slowly and gradually we start exploring this city and start looking for a way out from there, then under the same city, we are shown a lot of Zurcks which look at us and read in front of us. hai. Somehow, by saving his life and dodging all the backs, he takes out the cat’s part from there. And reaches under a safe building. (Stray Gameplay)

The Flat

Soon we come out of the building and after walking through the narrow path we reach the flat. After looking at that flat, it seemed as if this was a very big lab-like place where perhaps some scientist would have been there. We were shown many computer systems there and all those systems were turned off.

To activate it again, we quickly start inserting all the batteries one by one after which the system gets activated. A bot was found dead there. There was also a mini-bot next to him which we took with us, its battery had also drained and hence that mini-bot also appeared dead. We keep it in the middle of the system, and gradually it starts scanning and after some time the bot gets activated, The name of this mini bot is B-12. It also gives the cat a backpack which is made with very advanced technology.

After that B-12 comes under our pack. Dono, spring comes out from that place. As we walk, we reach the slums. There a bot sees us and as soon as it sees us it immediately presses a button which causes a red light to flash and an alarm to sound. That bot starts closing the gate and starts running away from there due to extreme shock. We move further and further in the same way and the other bots start running away after seeing us. (Stray Gameplay)

Clementine stray

All the robots are seen running into a room and closing its shutter. Somewhere there is a bot named Guardian who has a stick-type weapon in his hand and he is standing in front of us. After talking to the guardian, it turns out that all these bots are aware of us and that is why they are running away after killing us. Both the guardian and B-12 talk and ask for a solution to get out of there. After that, the cat asks for help from the other bots but no one knows how to get out. Then after a while, all the other bots in that area talk to him and ask for his help.

To get out of here, we must go to Momo because she can help us. After that, we go to Momo there to buy the same couch but in exchange, we will have to give the electrical cable to Momo. A shop sells super detergent and gives it to Momo in exchange for electrical cable and she gives us something to wear.

While roaming around, we meet a scientist who sends us to a female robot Clementine who is a very genius bot. She is now starting to help us get out of there. Somehow we reach the train where a band is helping us. Who has cheated us and put both of us in jail. Somehow the cat frees itself and then immediately finds a key opens the jail lock and lets Clementine out. (Stray Gameplay)


Stray Gameplay-Then Clementine starts moving forward with us and we all try our best to get out of there. And yes my friend, B-12 was kidnapped by someone, so somehow we extracted B-12 from their cage and got it out from there, it was a very difficult task. Clementine sees a car and a cat sitting in front of him and they all start running away from there but they all stop reading in front of us. Clementine told us to come out from there for spring but spring itself did not come because our people were standing in front of us. If Clementine doesn’t distract everyone then they all will eat it. This scene is very emotional.

Clementine comes out from there. And we turn on the train’s battery by plugging it in and using it. Then the train starts and the cat reaches Wall City. Where, after switching on the system in the control room, the whole city is under sunlight everyone is dying and Clementine is also saved. The cat has escaped. (Stray Gameplay)


Stray Game All Missions

1. Inside The Wall

Stray Gameplay-inside the wall

In the initial chapter of the game, “Inside the Wall,” our task is to explore the nearby area with three kitten companions and get the hang of purring. Essentially, in this chapter, the player grasps the game controls and understanding.

Once you get accustomed to it, the game will begin to feel somewhat easier, enabling you to complete subsequent chapters and missions proficiently. As we play as a cat in this game, it’s essential to master controlling the cat’s purr, climbing, and jumping after completing this chapter.

Within this chapter, we need to accomplish missions like clawing the tree. By using PC keyboard commands, we can significantly enhance the running ability using the left shift and climb by pressing the space button. Space and left shift are exclusively used for running and climbing, which is crucial. There’s no need to memorize; you’ll pick it up as you play. (Stray Gameplay)

2. Dead City

Dead city

The second chapter is “Dead City,” so buddy, you can get an idea from its name that anyone who goes inside this city finds it tough to stay alive because inside this “Dead City,” we encounter “Zurks,” which are the villains in this game. All these Zurks chase us to kill, but we have to find a way to escape from there without getting caught by them.

3. The Flat

In Chapter Three, the cat player reaches an abandoned flat, which is the scientist’s flat. Inside this flat, we need to solve some puzzles, and after that, we plug in four energy cells into the socket. This action opens a secret door, revealing a dead robot with a depleted battery. Next to it is a drone, also dead due to a drained battery.

After using a large computer, we activate the drone, bringing it back to life. The B-12 drone becomes very helpful, especially in language translation. After scratching the rag inside the flat, the Terrority Trophy 3/12 is unlocked.

4. The Slums

chapter 3 The slums

In Chapter 4, “The Slums,” we arrive in a slum where robots, upon seeing the cat player, get frightened and start running away without a second thought. All the bots are quite scared of us, but one robot guardian, the leader of them all, doesn’t fear and collaborates with B-12 for language translation.

After understanding that the cat is not a dangerous Zurk, all the other bots start fleeing. Following a conversation with the guardian, we head towards Momo, who can help us escape from there. She instructs us to bring four notebooks, and after solving a puzzle inside an apartment, we manage to find the required notebooks. This slum is vast and dark, and we explore it thoroughly.

5. Rooftops

Chapter 4 : Rooftops

In Chapter Five, the player leaves Momo’s apartment and heads onto rooftops, leaping from the top of one building to another. Here, some bots are also spotted on the rooftops, which are lush green, and a rather amusing, or one could say, the slightly serious scene unfolds when a robot tosses a box of paint to another bot. Suddenly, one of the paint boxes falls, and they all appear quite astonished. On the rooftops, our task is to catch a signal for Momo’s recently repaired transceiver. Maintenance tasks like air conditioning also need attention on the rooftops. Soon, we encounter those Zurks from whom we must make a swift escape. If those Zurks manage to catch us, it’s game over, and we’ll have to start the mission again.

6. The Slums Part 2

In Chapter 6, the Slums Part 2, the player needs to fix a broken tracker, for which they have to find Doc’s secret lab. In this segment, we collaborate with Momo and explore various weapons to defend ourselves against those Zurks, making ourselves capable enough to handle them and save our lives. We reach a spot where a bot named Vapora is tossing paint boxes, and we need to distract it with a meow. Fortunately, the distraction works, and the paint box falls from its hands onto the road. Infuriated, the owner comes out to clean up the mess outside his shop. Seizing this opportunity, we sneak into his shop, grab super detergent, and exchange it for an electrical cable with Azooz bot. We then deliver the cable to Grandma, who, being a robot herself, gives us a Ponch in return.

7. Dead End

chapter dead ends

In Chapter 7, “Dead End,” a crucial chapter in the game, the player has to find Doc. As Chapter 7 begins, numerous Zurks start chasing us. After escaping from them, we come across a dead robot and somehow manage to find Doc’s secret lab. Doc is shocked to see us because he has been locked inside this lab for a long time, trying to create a weapon called the Defluxor to fend off the surrounding jerks. It seems he had separated from his brother Seamus quite some time ago. To activate the Defluxor, we need to find a generator.

After going outside and facing another round of attacks from the Zurks, we retrieve the generator and reach Doc. Both of us then exit the lab, and that’s when the jerks attack Doc. After using the Defluxor to eliminate all the Zurks, Doc comes out with us, and Semus and Doc warmly embrace each other. The guardian also appreciates our efforts. Momo is waiting for us on our boat, and we board the boat together.

8. The Sewers

The Sewers

In Chapter 8 Sewer – Cat hops on a boat with Momo, taking a seat as Momo provides guidance. We spot a gate ahead, which Momo descends to open, but she doesn’t join us inside anymore. From here, the game shifts to solo exploration with B-12. Upon entering, we encounter numerous large eggs from which a swarm of Zurks emerges, launching an attack. Evading them, we dash and reach a profoundly eerie place featuring a colossal creature with three eyes. The Zurks target Cat, prompting B-12 to employ Defluxor for defense. However, B-12 suddenly tumbles to the ground. Cat grabs it and makes a swift escape, but the Defluxor is now damaged and requires repairs.

9. Antvillage

Antvillage chapter 9

In Chapter 9 of Antvillage, Kat makes contact with Zablatzar, who informs us about Clementine, likely residing in Midtown. Additionally, we observe B-12’s memory recovery at 66%.

10. Midtown

In Midtown, Cat meets Clementine, a genius robot. Now, we’re planning to get out of here and put our best effort into it.

11. Jail


In Chapter 11, Cat and Clementine get snatched by a robot bot in jail. The cat ends up in a cage, while Clementine is stuck in a cell. Somehow, we wriggle out of that cage, find the key, and liberate Clementine from jail. Later, we move forward and encounter B-12, surrounded by sensors on all sides. They’ve nabbed B-12, but we managed to pull off a rescue with some serious effort. However, they all start hunting us down, and we bolt from the scene. Teaming up with Clementine, we make our getaway in an auto-type vehicle, but she doesn’t tag along because messing with the pursuers is part of her game plan. Clementine zooms off in the vehicle.

12. Control Room

Stray ending

By starting the train and taking a seat inside, we make our way to the control room. There, we power up a device, causing a door to open above, resembling an alien spaceship. Subsequently, sunlight bursts in from all directions, wiping out all the zurks, and Clementine makes it through unscathed. Cat then exits from there, moving forward to search for his family, marking the end of the game.

Stray Gameplay Length

“The Stray game’s gameplay and story, when put together, can be finished in 8 to 10 hours. This game is awesome, with a top-notch story and gameplay. It’ll be 100% complete in 10 hours and 20 minutes.”

How to download Stray for PC

If you want to play and download the Stray game on your PC. You can quickly click on the link of the Steam website and from there you can play and download.

Stray Gameplay FAQ


How many missions are in stray

Stray has a total of 12 missions. All of these missions are awesome. Here is the list of all the missions:
Inside the Wall
Dead City
The Flat
The Slums
The Slums Part 2
Dead End
The Sewers
Control Room

How long does it take to 100% Stray?

The Stray game’s gameplay and story, when put together, can be finished in 8 to 10 hours. This game is awesome, with a top-notch story and gameplay. It’ll be 100% complete in 10 hours and 20 minutes.

Is there a Stray 2 game?

Stray 2 game hasn’t been released yet. The original Stray game came out in 2022, featuring the adventurous life of an adorable cat. Towards the end of the game, we discover that the kitten hasn’t reunited with its family and embarks on a journey to find them, concluding the game. Currently, Stray 2 is not available and will be released later.

Who is B-12 in Stray?

B-12 is a super crucial drone in Stray that assists us in escaping the Walled City. B-12 is a robot drone trying to recover its memories; its memory had crashed, and now it’s getting them back with the help of a cat.

Why is the Stray game so popular?

The Stray game has gained immense popularity thanks to its unique idea and gameplay. The storyline is truly fantastic, portraying the adventurous life of a cat and its struggle to reunite with its separated family trapped under a walled city cyber city.

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