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Tekken 8: A Complete Guide With Best Gameplay Tips


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tekken 8 gameplay tips

Tekken 8 game is a great fighter game. It is a very popular action-packed game. Kazuya is the most dangerous villain of this game, and Jin is our hero. So today, I will tell you the storyline of the Tekken 8 game in this article. And I am going to share the top 10 tips for Tekken 8. Read it completely.

Tekken 8 Release Date

Tekken 8 was released on January 26, 2024. It’s an awesome fighting game.

Tekken 8 Platforms

Tekken 8 is available for Microsoft Windows. It’s also accessible for those who enjoy gaming on larger screens and consoles, as it’s compatible with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox S Series. Download and play on steam

Tekken 8 System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-Bit.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600K/AMD Ryzen 5 1600.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon R9 380X.
  • DirectX: Version 12.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 100 GB available space.

Stray game is here

Tekken 8 Gameplay – Story

Chapter 1

Tekken 8 Gameplay - Story
Devil Kazuya

The Tekken 8 game’s story unfolds 6 months after Tekken 7. Heihachi Mishima is nowhere to be found, and everyone senses his absence. Concurrently, Kazuya has asserted his dominance and is now more powerful than anyone else. Lars’ group seeks revenge on Kazuya, leading them to send Jin Kazama to attack and eliminate him. Jin Kazama crashes his superbike into Kazuya’s helicopter, causing it to explode and plummet. A fierce battle ensues between them, growing increasingly perilous. Kazuya defeats Jin Kazama by employing his Devil Beam power.

Devil Kazuya vs Jin Kazama
Kazuya vs Jin Kazama

Observing Kazuya’s devil form suggests he possesses immense power. Jin is powerless without his Devil Power. Kazuya obliterates all military satellites and broadcasts live, revealing his plan to organize a tournament called the “New King of Iron Fist.” The nation that triumphs will coexist with him, ensuring their safety. Conversely, if a nation loses, Kazuya will somehow maintain control over it.

Chapter 2: Wayward Power

Lars’s team arrives, bringing Jin to the airbase. Lars realizes that Jin is ineffective without his Devil powers. They ask him to showcase his Devil powers, but Jin falls short. He undergoes rigorous training for three days and, at Lars’s request, he gets ready to join the tournament that Kazuya has challenged him to.

Jin will only be able to access his Devil power when he is on the brink of death. Representatives from all nations are gaining recognition for their respective countries by winning tournament rounds.

Jin Kazama and Reina
Jin and Reina

When Jin arrives at the Japan Prelims, he encounters Reina, who wants to challenge him and also shares information about her school. They both then participate in a tournament fight.

Reina vs Jin Kazama
Reina Fights In the Mishima Style

Reina fights in the Mishima style that Heihachi Mishima used to practice. Somewhere, his reflection is visible in Reina. She beats Jin severely, after which his Devil power becomes apparent. Reina had come to notice his Devil’s power and understand how it works. After that, Reina quits, and Jin emerges victorious in this round.

Jin and Hwoarang get into a fight, and they battle each other well. Watching the rivalry between these two, it seems like a dangerous war has kicked off, and both of them have brought life to the Japan ‘A’ tournament. Jin uses his Devil Power to overpower Hwoarang and defeats him.

claudio and zafina
Claudio and Zafina

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is taking place at the Colosseum in Italy. Ling Xiaoyu listens to Claudio, and Zafina that Azazel was a very old daemon who fought against Jin Kazama, Jin destroyed his body and imprisoned him inside the Temple, but not his soul. His soul is confined within Zafina’s body. Now, all three head to Italy to kill Kazuya. Lars’ team arrives in Japan, where Jin meets Reina, and they converse. During their talk, Jin asks, “Where did you learn Mishima style?” Reina replies, “I learned it online.”

A professor and his son Leo discover the Devil's Power inside a cave

A professor and his son Leo discover the Devil’s Power inside a cave. They find out that Azazel used to grant devil powers to humans too, and these demons are fractions of Azazel. The source of all these devils’ superpowers is desire – the desire to rule the world, the desire to be the greatest. Leo says, I don’t see any such thing in Jin; he is not like that at all. If Kazuya is to be defeated, he must have the same desire.” However, there is something different about Jin that he cannot express in words. Reina is watching Jin carefully to see how he is going to acquire devil powers.

Devil Kazuya Killed Zafina

Reina also wants to obtain the Devil’s power secretly. Claudio, Zafina, and Ling Xiaoyu also reach the Colosseum, where Kazuya has come to watch the final match of the tournament. All the soldiers go out to kill him. Kazuya already knows everything, so he gets ready and kills Zafina instantly. While dying, Zafina tells Jin that he must go to Origin, the place where he grew up, to get the power needed to defeat Kazuya.

Azazel Tekken 8

Kazuya brings Azazel back to life. He revives him to merge his powers with himself. Kazuya then attacks and kills Azazel, transferring his powers to himself. Now, Kazuya becomes a much more powerful devil, embodying the True Devil form.

Lars sends Jin by private jet to discover his origins, and Lars’ team gets ready to fight Kazuya. Kazuya defeats everyone. Rena also fights Kazuya; she wants to see his true Devil Power, so she loses to him. Claudio then traps Kazuya and tries to kill him using his power, but Kazuya saves himself.

Devil Kazuya Revived Azazel
True Form Devil Kazuya

However, Claudio reverses the power beam he sent, thinking this might defeat him. Claudio is killed, and Kazuya also gets badly damaged. The Azazel inside him wants to come out of his body, due to which Kazuya leaves from there to contain that Devil power in his body. After leaving, he makes a plan with Nina that he will kill Jin and take his power, after which he will completely become the owner of True Devil Power.

Both Jin and Xiaoyu reach Jin’s place of origin. Once there, Jin reminisces about how he trained, and then falls asleep, saying, “Give me a seat later.” Just then, Nina and Kazuya’s men arrive and attack. However, Xiaoyu fights them all and keeps Jin safe.

Later, all those affiliated with Kazuya arrive, along with military personnel. A fierce fight erupts among them. Here, Paul enters the battlefield to fight for Lars, and Marshall Law fights for G.Corp. While they’re engaged in combat, Kuma, who had lost to Paul in the tournament, seeks revenge.

kuma tekken 8 attacks on paul

He runs to attack from behind, but a missile hits him. When Paul sees this, he thinks Kuma saved him from the missile, but that’s not the case—Kuma had come to kill him. There was talk of sharing the prize between Paul and Marshall, but Paul had forgotten about it.

Meanwhile, Reina and Nina begin to fight. Reina asks Nina to identify herself and then reveals that she is Heihachi Kashyap’s daughter. She invites Nina to join, but Nina replies, “I’ll tell you when my vacation is over.”In another part, an enraged Kazuya attacks the entire army, destroying them with his power.

Following this, a confrontation ensues between Lars and Kazuya. Lars prevents Kazuya from approaching Jin, and the intense struggle between the two prompts Kazuya to realize that Lars is his brother.

A glimpse of his father, Heihachi Mishima, becomes apparent within him. After witnessing this vision, we observe Jin in a different world, seemingly restrained by a chain. All his wrongdoing starts flooding his mind. He tells the Devil that he will save his people, even if it means sacrificing his life.

Afterward, he advances with his Devil Power and witnesses a vision of his mother. In this vision, she bestows her angelic power upon Jin, who now appears exceptionally powerful. The clash between Kazuya and Jin triggers the eruption of an ocean volcano, propelling both into space. Due to the perilous battle, they lose their powers and fall back to Earth. Now, both son and father are ordinary human beings, and there is an attempt to comprehend and reconcile something between them.


Tekken 8 boss fight

Kazuya, who is there, knocks Jin down and says, “Fight is all about who’s left first,” and Jin stands up and says, “Fight is all about survival.” Then both of them start fighting again, and Jin defeats Kazuya by knocking him out, eliminating Devil Blood from the world.

tekken 8 jin vs kazuya

After that, Kazuya thinks he is killed and goes away with Xiaoyu. This has two possible endings: if Kazuya defeats Jin, he throws Jin into the water and walks away, no longer possessing Devil Power but still fighting to the end. On the other hand, it shows Reina has acquired Devil Power and is the daughter of Heihachi Mishima.

Top 10 Tips & tricks for Tekken 8

Today, I’m going to share the top 10 tips for improving your gameplay in Tekken 8. Let’s get started.

1. Attack Heights

Top 10 Tips & tricks for Tekken 8

In Tekken 8, you encounter three main types of basic attack heights: high, mid, and low. These attacks are straightforward, but you need to be cautious. If your opponent attempts a high attack, you should crouch to evade it. This way, their high attack will miss you. Regarding mid-attacks, they can be tricky. Avoid crouching when your opponent attacks mid; otherwise, they might hit you. It’s better to defend and counterattack.

1. Attack Heights

Lastly, when facing a low attack from your opponent, always remember not to crouch. Otherwise, they’ll hit your head directly. Instead, defend yourself and counterattack if possible. When the opponent doesn’t initiate, take the initiative in the fight yourself.

2. Counter Attack

2. Counter Attack

A counterattack is crucial when your opponent is standing in front of you. Seize his weakness and strike him swiftly. A counterattack holds special significance; when you attack the opponent, you deal more damage than countering. In Tekken 8, targeting the head inflicts greater damage, boosting your damage rate. Crouch and strike the opponent so that he falls immediately next to his face with a thud.

3. That’s the wall brother

3. That's the wall brother

You know, Tekken 8 is a 3D game where you encounter walls during fights. Always remember to aim to hit the wall when engaging your opponent. Hitting them against the wall not only increases your damage but also limits your opponent’s movement speed. Using the Tornado Combo can devastate the enemy, wearing them down and worsening their condition. ‘Forward for 4’ is an effective Tornado Combo. Additionally, use the ‘1 plus 2’ combo to inflict damage on the opponent.

4. Beware The Throws

4. Beware The Throws

The throw attack in Tekken 8 is unbreakable and very challenging. If the opponent intends to throw you, it becomes impossible for you to escape. However, if you aim precisely at the right time, you can evade; otherwise, you’ll be picked up and thrown. When the opponent is in defensive mode, it becomes tough for them to survive when you counterattack with a throw. Therefore, always be precise and timely; otherwise, escaping will be difficult.

5. Attacks are not just attacks

5. Attacks are not just attacks

The attacks observed in Tekken 8 are frequently diverse. Certain attacks have the potential to entirely alter the game. For example, when the opponent executes a move down one plus 2 attacks, it blocks your attack and strikes your face. In the move-up attack, they deliver a high attack with their hand to the face, and the moment you observe their stance, immediately upon striking someone, they will counter with a potent defensive attack.

6. Recoverable Health

6. Recoverable Health

In these tips, I will tell you about recoverable health. If your health starts turning a little gray in Tekken 8, it is your recovery. The more aggressively you fight, the sooner you will recover your health. Even if the opponent blocks, you have to fight offensively, and while they remain in defense mode, you have to remain highly proactive. If your recoverable health is 90% and regular health is 10%, then it’s game over, your game is finished. So be offensive

7. Replays

8. Replays

Now we also get to see replays in Tekken 8. When your game is over, you will be able to watch your fight again and learn from all your mistakes to perform better. Many times we miss a lot of things while we are fighting, but in replays, Tekken shows us in detail all the things that we could not see. By watching all these matches, you can improve yourself even more for the next round of the tournament and the match.

8. Practice

9. Learn From Mistakes

10. Fast Attack


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